Samuel N. WIlliams


Samuel N. Williams is a multi-instrumentalist, hailing from the St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. With a passion for quality music, Samuel brings a variety of services to the music industry.

Growing up around music all his life, Sam has been playing for houses of worship and several local ensembles. Samuel is a proud Music Director of his local band La Voix, and several other groups to include Dub Lab Reggae and Friends and Family Choir. Samuel has a wide repertoire of several styles of music and has great experience arranging and directing live shows also playing behind some major names in the Industry (Marvin Sapp, Casey J, Pressure Busspipe, just to name a few. 

Samuel passion encouraged him to continue his education in music, graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 2019 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Music Studies. With a keen interest for new music technologies, Sam developed a love for arranging/composing and recording music. Samuel learned most of his skill in engineering from interning at 521 Music Studios. Samuel is also a producer for loopcommunity, where Loop provides worship leaders with quality and affordable tracks, hardware and software for worship. Samuel believes in transforming emotions and portraying them through his music. He is determined to bring array of quality music services to the world. Samuel is working on several different projects in the Virgin Islands and will be continue to increase musicality in the Caribbean. To learn more about these projects, or to contact Samuel, please feel free to